Bring Amazonian Plant Medicine to Canada

Ayahuasca can provide transformative healing for the mind, body, and soul. Our mission is to help bring this medicine, and the rich Amazonian indigenous history that surrounds it, to Canada.

Restore Rights of Spiritual Practice

Ayahuasca, despite having scientifically confirmed benefits, is considered a Schedule III controlled substance in Canada. Part of our mission is to help dispell the vilification and dismission of 'psychedelic drugs'.

Research Safe, Guided Usage

We believe in a sincere, guided, and respectful approach to the consumption of Ayahuasca. We hope to encourage a mature path to supervised Ayahuasca usage, for medicinal and spiritual purposes.

Preserve Ancient Indigenous Tradition

An integral part of the journey into plant medicine is the healing expertise found within traditional Amazonian indigenous curanderos, or healers. One of our goals is to help preserve and develop the accessibility of this ancient wisdom.

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Ayahuasca in Canada

With a growing body of research joining thousands of positive, anecdotal experiences, we hope that the Government of Canada can provide a safe, viable method for guided Ayahuasca consumption in Canada.

Ayahuasca's Medicinal Benefit

As a medicine that functions within both physical and meta-physical paradigms, a wide range of research and thought exploration is required before Ayahuasca can become a welcomed member of a healthy, whole, and balanced society.